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החברה המובילה בישראל לשיווק כלי פיתוח חומרה מתקדמים ואפליקציות תוכנה למערכות משובצות מחשב.

כלים מקצועיים לפיתוח מערכות משובצות מחשב Embedded.
הכלים מכסים את כל מחזור פיתוח התוכנה מקידוד, הידור וניפוי באגים ועד תפעולה ותחזוקה

PEAK-System Technik, manufacturer of hardware and software for CAN, CAN FD, and LIN applications.

Kvaser is a supplier of advanced, high-end CAN interface, CAN loggers as well as LIN interface solutions

Saleae offers a line of inexpensive PC based logic analyzers and easy-to-use software.

global leader in research & development, engineering, manufacturing, sales and service support for electronic test and measurement equipment.

From the creator of the Arm architecture, comes the development solutions that bring out the most of the smallest Cortex M to the super charged Cortex A.

Total Phase offers cross-platform embedded systems development tools for engineers developing and debugging code with I2C, SPI, USB, CAN and eSPI interfaces

P&E Microcomputer Systems offers Cyclone versatile production programmers, USB Multilink debug probes, & software debuggers for various device manufacturers

CSS Electronics offers plug & play CAN/LIN logger records timestamped CAN data (Classical/CAN FD) with and without WiFi access.

Prodigy provides protocol decode solutions as well as PHY layer testing solutions that span the serial data, telecommunications, automotive and defense electronics.

DediProg offers solutions of IC programming of EEPROM, SPI Flash, NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC, CPLD, UFS (Universal Flash Storage) and other programmable devices. DediProg also offer high-efficiency equipment for production.

Algocraft offers Ultra-fast, universal In-System Programmers with true parallel programing of up to 8 devices at once. The devices feature Industrial-grade reliability and are easy to install and use. 

J&D Tech offers advanced, powerful Jtag debuggers to assist engineer developing smart connected devices in all industries including IoT, Medical, Aerospace and defence, Automotive, Medical, Industrial and more.

CSS Electronics offers plug & play CAN/LIN logger records timestamped CAN data (Classical/CAN FD) with and without WiFi access.

Ronetix’s development tools provides you an efficient and economical way to develop embedded systems products including JTAG debuggers and SoM’s based on ARM processors.

The DDR Detective® is the most comprehensive DDR Memory compliance, validation and performance monitoring tool on the market.

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