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Code Viser is a powerful, versatile and highly configurable JTAG debugger available.  CodeViser displays target system information using its CVD (Debugger), which runs on a Window host PC. Users can also re-write target information with CodeViser.

CVD is Window application cross debugger, installed on the host PC. CVD displays target information sent by CodeViser and allow users to send commands to the target utilizing the various debugging functions of CVD.

Key Features:

• Advanced AP (App. Processor) based on ARM CDMA/WCDMA/GSM Device Support!!
• The Lastest RTOS Debugging Support!! (Android, Linux, Windows Mobile, Free RTOS, Ucos, etc)
• Multi-Core Debugging Feature Free Support!!
• Convenient & User Friendly Free Support!!
• Various Script File Support!! (.csf/.cmm)
• Prompt Trouble Shooting Service with Remote Control System!!

Supported Processors and Cores:

ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A/R/M, XScale, Faraday, Andes, SRP(Samsung DSP), QDSP(Qualcomm DSP), Qualcomm (MSM, APQ, etc.), Samsung (Exynos), MTK, VIA, etc.

Supported Flash Memory List:

CodeViser supports to program various flash devices.
User can download code/date to NOR/NAND/ONENAND/Internal ROM memory devices etc
conveniently by using CodeViser.

Supported RTOSs:

Android OS:

– Kernel / Application / Module / Library / (Multi) Thread Debugging
– Task, Process, Process Memory List, FS Types, Mount Devices, / proc window
– Convenient Application / Module debugging UI option.

Linux OS:

– U-Boot Programming/Debugging
– Kernel/ Application / Module / Library
– Task, Process, Process Memory List, FS types, Mount Devices, /proc window
– Convenient Application / Module / Library debugging UI option

WinCE/Windows Mobile:

– E-Boot Programming/Debugging
– Kernel / Application / Module (*.dull)Debugging
– Kernel / Application / Module (*.dull)Debugging
– Processes List, Thread List, Module List, Event List, Mutex List, Semaphore list, ROM Module List, ROM File List window
– Convenient Application / Module debugging UI option.
– WinCE Load Manager UI option support to use WinCE Platform Builf Log(*.plg) / Buid Log(*.out) /
Image Explorer Files (*.txt)


ThreadX, FreeRTOS, Micrium, Nucleus, AMX,

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