DediProg offers reliable, cost effective and versitile IC programming solutions and IC test sockets.

The magic of high speed, efficient hardware programming  is combined with easy to use software from a diversity of industry leaders.  This is so you, the customer can enjoy the delivery of total IC programming solution.

DediProg in Israel Pertech Embedded Solutions serves to deliver products and support  locally, allowing you to maximize production output and receive cost-effectiveness solutions.

DediProg also offers large scale, automated programming system, device programmer, and programming service.

DediProg also offers custom engineering services for your specific requirments. 

Why use DediProg ?

DediProg is one of the largest provider of IC programming solutions and IC test sockets for customers across the globe. 

In order to offer leading solutions, DediProg combines the efficiency of programming hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders.  This enables DediProg to deliver a total IC programming solution for our customers.

Pertech offers DediProg products in Israel, along with complete technical support and warrenty services.  This allows our customers to maximize production and engineering output.