Prodigy Technovations is the leading provider of innovative protocol analysis solutions for mainstream and emerging technologies. The company’s ongoing efforts include successful implementation of State of art standalone innovative and comprehensive protocol decode solutions as well as PHY layer testing solutions that span the serial data, telecommunications, automotive and defence electronics sectors worldwide. Prodigy Technovations is involved in Research and Development in the following area


  •   Protocol Analyzer for leading edge technologies such as UFS 3.0, eMMC, Automotive Ethernet, SD, SDIO, I3C, SPMI & RFFE
  •   Probing solution for high serial bus technologies for speeds up to 32 Gbps
  •   Decoding high speed serial bus packets in hardware
  •   Developing algorithm to continuously capture and manage high-speed data-logging
  •   Analysis of very large amount of data for debugging design issues.

Logic Analyzers

Protocol Analyzers

Oscilloscope Based Protocol Decode Software

The Discovery logic analyzer series, has built-in capability of I2C/SPI logic analyzer, and UART logic analyzer . This is pc based logic analyzer.



Protocol analyzers include I3C, eMMC, SPMI, 100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet, I2C and SPI, and RFFE.



Protocol Decode & PHY layer test solutions for electrical measurements and validation integrated into Test & Measurement Equipment.




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