Single and Parallel In-System Programmers

  • Ultra-Fast, Universal In-System Programmer
  • Compact Size
  • Fixture Friendly
  • Ultra-Fast, Universal In-System Programmer
  • Programs Up to 2 Devices Simultaneously
  • Fixture Friendly
  • Ultra-Fast, Universal In-System Programmer
  • Programs Up to 4 Devices Simultaneously
  • Fixture Friendly
  • Ultra-Fast, Universal In-System Programmer
  • Programs Up to 8 Devices Simultaneously
    Fixture Friendly

Key Features:

  • Ultra-fast, universal In-System Programmers
  • True parallel, program up to 8 devices at once
    Industrial-grade reliability
  • Standalone operations or host controlled
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Compact size, fixture friendly


  • On-board programming for Automatic Test Equipment
  • On-board programming for standalone stations
  • Functional test
  • Automotive

Hardware Features

  • Supports microcontrollers, serial memories, parallel memories and other programmable devices
  • High-speed, parallel programming
  • Compact size (fixture friendly)
  • Standalone operations or host controlled
  • Designed for easy ATE interfacing (Agilent, Teradyne, TRI, SPEA, etc.)
  • Supports multiple interfaces (JTAG,BDM, SPI, I2C, UART, )
  • Memorizes data on a built-in memory card
  • Programmable power supply output (1.5-13V)
  • Programmable I/O voltage (1.6-5.5V)
  • High-speed I/O
  • LAN,RS-232(isolated) and low-level interface (isolated)
  • ISP I/O relay barrier (only available on the single-site model)
  • EOS/ESD I/O protection
  • Wide range power supply (15-24V)

Software Features

  • WriteNow! Project Generator – easily create and debug a programming Project in a few guided steps
  • Built-in utilities: Image File Creation, File Manager, Easy ISP
  • Signal Connections
  • WriteNow! API – for custom application (Visual C, Visual Basic, LabView, etc.)
  • ASCII-based command line protocol
  • Variable data handling for serial numbering, MAC addresses, production codes, etc.

More information

Algocraft Programmers

In system programming (ISP) is rapidly growing, and will continue to grow in the years to come. The automotive industry, which is a large consumer of embedded running software is leading the growth of ISP. Algocraft is becoming a leading force in providing ISP solutions to this market. There are four models available to provide the right solution to the size of your business, and allows you to expand in the future. The product allows true parallel programming, very high speed, stand alone to name a few features. Pertech Embedded Solutions provides you the products and services you need in order to successfully deploy your products. We can help configure in your production site, provide support for devices, etc. Call us to learn more.

Algocraft – important information

The innovative products, which made this success possible, were IC programming solutions for various programmable devices such as NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, EEPROM, MMC, CPLD, UFS (Universal Flash Storage, and SPI Flash.


Algocraft does much more than provide dedicated engineering development solutions – it also offers high efficiency production equipment. Its comprehensive solutions are reflected in products that meet the needs and requirements of their (and our) customer's target applications.


In a very short time, Algocaft's innovative solutions have made it a dominant global provider of IC programming solutions in the global market. Now, for the first time, you can purchase their elegant products from an Israeli representative, who will adapt them to your local needs, Hebrew and English language service included.

Pertech Embedded solutions representing Dediprog

Pertech Embedded solutions vary, and include the following: software components, operating systems, code analysis, hardware tools and more. In addition, we offer our services for various markets worldwide. From communications, aerospace, defense, industrial, medical to automotive – our team of experts provide innovative solutions for our customers. Ranging from host adapter, i3c protocol analyzer, pcan to boundary scan – we will gladly assist you, and help you in every step of the way. For more information, contact us today, and we will answer your questions immediately.
What is in-System Programming?
In-System programming (ISP) allows engineers or production technician to program devices such as microcontrollers (MCU), EEPROMs and flash memories which are soldered onto a board. This is different than automated programming systems where the devices are programmed prior to being soldered to the board. The advantage of in-system programming is that it combines actions done during manufacturing and testing into one action. This includes programming and testing. The end result for the company is saving money, and resources.
What would I want to use Algocraft in-system programmers?
Algocraft offers our WriteNow! Technology. This is a Sseries of In-System programmers that support a large number of devices (microcontrollers, memories, CPLDs and other programmable devices) from various manufacturers. The devices are compact which make it easy for an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) integration. The WriteNow! Programmers work in standalone or connected to a host PC using various interfaces including RS-232, LAN and USB. To make easy for you to integrate the devices into your ATE environment, Algocraft provides an easy-to-use software utility.
What are the benefits of Algocraft in-system programmers
In the real world, electronic products are grouped into PCB panels which may have different programmable devices. The problem is that to program all of the devices in a panel there is a need for multiple programming tools or a complex demultiplexing solution. Algocraft solved this problem with the WriteNow! Technology. It allows you to program up to 8 devices at once. This significantly reduces programming times, lowers the costs of production, and system complexity. As an added benefit, the WriteNow! technology performances reach the top programming speed for any device, thus shortening the programming phase of the production process
Why use Pertech for your upcoming project?

Pertech offers in-system programmers and integration services, so you don’t have to spend too much time on your production fixtures. Combined with our partner, Algocraft, we can tailor the solution that best fits your need in the present, while providing a growth path. This includes supporting unavailable devices as a one-time NRE development project which delivered on-time and at a fixed cost. If you want more information about Algocraft and available in-system programming solutions, contact us.

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