saleae_logo Saleae line of logic analyzers lets you watch digital signals using easy to use software.  You can track and record multiple signals at a time! Saleae logic analyzers plug into a PC/MAC/Linux computer and offers API to extend the use of the devices. The inexpensive product is packaged nicely in a small, portable custom neoprene zippered case, and include a USB cable as well as the test clips (two test clips for every input) and test probes you need. If you ever have to to debug SPI, i2c, serial, CAN, 1-wire, Manchester, biphase or other digital protocols, this tool is a must have! Tens-of-thousands of engineers, students, and hobbyists from all over the world have used Logic. Logic has been used to help with just about everything you can think of: satellites, avionics, submarines, electric cars, and everything in between. We are super excited to be a part of it.  Customers include – Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Intel, Pebble, Coca Cola, Garmin and many more.  
FeatureLogic 8Logic PRO 8Logic PRO 16
Digital/Analog Inputs
Digital Sample Rate (max)
Analog Sample Rate (max)
PC Connection
100 MS/s
10 MS/s
USB 2.0
500 MS/s
50 MS/s
USB 3.0
500 MS/s
50 MS/s
USB 3.0
Logic 8
Logic PRO 8
Logic PRO 16

More information

Logic analyzer

When microprocessor systems were first developed, the need quickly arose to de-bug and carry out fault finding in them. Then, once these chips became widely used in the early 1980s, the need arose to monitor all of the many lines and test points simultaneously. Developing a technique that could do so in an affordable manner became critical. The then cutting edge technology oscilloscopes simply couldn't achieve this. Once analyzers were first tested out and introduced into the technological ecosystem their complexity rose in accord with that of the circuits they were designed to test, in a still ongoing evolutionary process. Their speed increased, their functionality immeasurably improved, and their channels multiplied exponentially. To receive more information about logic analyzer, the experts in Pertech Embedded solutions will gladly help.

Dediprog – important information


What does the logic analyzer exactly do? It is a test instrument, whose purpose is to test complex digital and logic circuits. For many users, they are a godsend which enables them to investigate and understand how exactly these circuits operate. What it does, in principle, is let you see traces of logic signals, so that you can visualize multiple lines in the logic circuit at the same time.


How exactly is a logic analyzer different from an oscilloscope? An oscilloscope can do much of what the logic analyzer can do – but it cannot do so for many signals at the same time. If you want to see the relative timing of a multitude of signals at once, then the logic analyzer is the only way to travel. Some modern oscilloscopes do incorporate a few logic analyzer functions – they are called a mixed signal oscilloscope. However, not all such models will be able deliver the same functionality as a logic analyzer in you system.

Saleae logic analyzer

You probably already know all about how logic analyzers enable designers to optimize and debug hardware in digital prototyping systems as they proceed with the design process – or troubleshoot problems that arise in malfunctioning systems. The principle is simple – multiple signals from a digital system or circuit are captured, correlated and displayed, enabling the designer or technician to map out state machine traces, assembly language, timing diagrams or protocol decodes. To learn more about saleae logic analyzer, contact Pertech Embedded solutions.

Saleae logic analyzer – standing out of the crowd

What makes saleae logic analyzers stand out from the crowd is their ultra-portability and easy storage. The smallest model is a petite 1.66" x 1.66" x 0.39" – but even the largest model is only 3.6" x 3.6" x 0.59". Moreover, the saleae logic software works on any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, so that cross platform work is simply not an issue. Finally, in contrast to most competing logic analyzers, saleae logic can record continuously.


Additional applications included in the saleae logic analyzer, which others lack, include an ability to decode multiple protocols at once – while still simultaneously displaying the original waveform. What this means for the user, is greater ease in comparing data than with dedicated protocol decoding tools, meaning that a great saving is affected in his time and his employer's money.

More about Saleae logic analyzers

The saleae logic analyzer also has an application enabling microcontroller peripherals to be debugged, rapidly speeding up the troubleshooting process by pinpointing the location of errors – an especially useful feature when several different parts are hyper reacting to each other simultaneously.


Finally, the saleae logic analyzer also functions as a USB-based data logger. The User Interface (UI) records and analyses the data easily, saving the user much time and frustration.

The functions of quality solution such as Saleae logic analyzers

Do all these functions interest you? Then you are in luck. First, saleae is well represented in Israel by Pertech Embedded solutions and we will ensure you receive a product that is fully compatible with your own system and that you receive the tech support you are entitled to, under Selale's three years warranty plan.

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