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Software Components



Datalight flash memory drivers and file systems improve the user’s experience by boosting throughput, cutting file seek time, shortening boot time, and eliminating data corruption

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Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard offers embedded GUI technology that enables you to create platform-independent and high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI), even on resource constrained microcontrollers.

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Cypherbridge Systems

Cypherbridge Systems offers device software solutions include SSL/TLS PKI security and encryption SDK, SSH embedded SDK, and uLoad secure boot loader and distribution server. The company also offers VPN SDK to implement IKE and IPsec for a cryptographically secure solution for IP packet networking.

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HCC Embedded

HCC’s range of ‘no compromise’ verifiable software is developed according to a full ‘V’ model process with static and dynamic analysis with fully documented high and low level design.  Software components includes USB stack, TCP/IP stack and file systems.

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Kozio’s line of embedded tools include everything you need to configure, test, and tune DDR memory; identify interconnect faults and component placement problems on your printed circuit board; program on-board devices such as NAND Flash, NOR Flash, eMMC, FPGAs, and other programmable devices; and control, monitor, and calibrate power settings and usage.

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