Prodigy Logic Analyzer

PGY-LA-EMBD is a logic analyzer that enables engineers to debug timing problems and perform simultaneous protocol analysis of I2C, SPI and UART interfaces in embedded designs. This enables designers debug circuit level and system level problems quickly.


Pertech Embedded Solution offers experts that can assist you in finding the correct Logic Analyzer solution that fits your development requirements.     


  • 10 channels with Protocol and Logic Analysis capability.
  • 1GS/Sec Timing (Asynchronous) Analysis
  • 100MHz State (Synchronous) Analysis
  • Simultaneous Protocol Analysis of UART, SPI and I2C.
  • Detailed Trigger capabilities: Auto, Pattern, Protocol aware (UART, SPI and I2C) and timing (pulse width and delay).
  • Smart streaming of data from Protocol. Analyzer to host computer for long duration capture using USB3 interface.
  • Innovative easy to use Graphical user interface.
  • Error Analysis of Protocol packet
  • Provides timing, waveform, listing and Protocol listing views
  • Detailed filtering capability for protocol decoded data
  • PDF and CSV report format.
  • API support.