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Code Analysis Tools


GrammaTech helps teams to quickly analyze and validate the code – source and/or binary – identifying serious vulnerabilities or bugs that cause system failures, poor reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions.
CodeSonar finds more significant defects than other tools, through our innovations in concurrency analysis, tainted data-flow analysis, and comprehensive checkers.

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Testwell CTC++

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer for C and C++ is a powerful and easy to use Code/Test Coverage Tool which shows the parts of the code which have been executed (tested). Two add-ons extend the functionality of Testwell CTC++: CTC++ for Java and Android add-on CTC++ for C# add-on The tool analyses for all coverage levels as required in “critical” projects, and helps to ensure highest code quality. Testwell CTC++ can be used with all compilers and cross-compilers (with only one CTC++ license).

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Veracode offers a cloud-based service with the speed and scale required to reduce application-layer security risk across web, mobile and third-party apps. And across the entire app lifecycle, from code development to IT operations.

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