Pertech Professional Services

Pertech Embedded Solutions offers embedded software engineering services that significantly reduces distractions from non-core technology issues in your development cycle. Pertech’s services removes software infrastructure drudgery activities, and allows you to focus on what you do best, enhancing your product’s features and performance.

We can provide board bring-up including OS integration, and provide ongoing support through the manufacturing and deployment stages in a cost-effective manner.

  • Board Bring-up Services

We maintain an extensive board bring-up experience with boards based on microprocessors and systems-on-chip (SoC’s) such a the NXP i.MX6/7/8 and Layerscape SoC’s, the Marvell Armada and 8040 SoC’s, Atmel SAMA5D2/3/4 SoC’s, Nvidia K1/K2 SoC’s, Rockchip SoC’s and many others. We also have experience integrating many types of DDR and FLASH technologies in new designs.  We can review your board designs and provide feedback on possible design issues.

  • BSP and Driver Development

Our services include Linux mainline kernel and drivers maintenance and updates to the latest security fixes and device drivers for various SoC’s.

Our developers posses extensive Linux kernel and U-Boot bootloader experience with many of their own code patches accepted to the Linux mainline, U-Boot and Buildroot projects. We have developed our own encrypted and authenticated media solution for booting Atmel and NXP based devices from encrypted media.

  • Microprocessor Application Programming

Many SoC’s such as the i.MX7 and the Nvidia Tegra combine application processor cores and microprocessor cores on the same SoC. This allows offloading of hard real-time tasks that application operating systems cannot handle well to a microprocessor core, typically an ARM Cortex M4 core. Sometimes these smaller cores are used as standby cores when the main application processor can be turned off. As part of Pertech’s “full stack” approach, we offer microprocessor application programming for this type of environments.

  • Arduino and STM32 Programming

We recently completed a number of Arduino and STM32 microprocessor applications for customers in the industrial control and medical device markets. Typically these applications monitor large numbers of GPIO or ADC inputs and pass the values to an application processor of a USB serial class or network class connection.

  • Custom Operating Systems

Pertech consulting engineers can build for you a custom operating system based on Buildroot, Docker or Yocto technologies. These custom OS’s can save up to 90% of the media space required by a vendor-supplied OS, and can be built in a way that enables remote upgrades. These minimal OS’s are inherently more secure and predictable.

  • Development Environment Setup and Instruction

Pertech provides on-site, hands-on instruction for installing and configuring your development environment, including development workstations, source code repositories, build systems and target development environments. We can set up a command-line only system suitable for use with build tools like Jenkins, or we can set up a completely graphic developer environment using tools such as Eclipse. We can provide in-depth instruction for using version control tools such as git. We can even make you a custom OS installer for your Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian development environment with all of the necessary tools pre-installed and pre-configured that you can clone onto new workstations.