Pertech Embedded Solutions’ offers Professional Services to reduce your involvement in non-core technology related activities, allowing you to spend more engineering time enhancing and extending your product’s features and capabilities. Our experts can provide everything from device driver and BSP development, through middleware integration and platform porting.


BSP and Drivers Development

We provide services for creating complete Board Support Packages and custom drivers development, enhancements to existing drivers, and porting drivers to new processors and operating systems. We specialize in embedded Linux and Threadx™.


Porting Service

We offer porting services to migrate existing code from one platform to another and deliver a complete, well-documented, maintainable and reliable source code.


Quick Start

To reduce the learning curve associated with an unfamiliar platform, an experienced Pertech engineer will come to your site, install and configure the new software, and familiarize your team with the new technology.


Algorithm development and signal processing

Pertech provides project delivery through our expertise in signal processing and algorithm development, in particular Continuous heart rate and Continuous HRV, mainly in software implementations.


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