SF100 ISP Evaluation Kit


In System Programming (ISP) method Description:
Update your SPI Flash soldered on your application board by using our dedicated programmers: SF100. When connected to the application board, the SF100 programmer can control the SPI bus to read or update the Serial Flash content in a very short time.

ISP-Eval-01 Highlights

  • SF100 programmer to update the serial Flash on board x 1
  • ISP Evaluation board: To test and validate the ISP method x 1
  • 1.27mm 2*4 cable: to connect the ISP evaluation board to the application x 1
  • SMT 1.27mm connectors: to solder in place of your application serial Flash x 2
  • Resistors: 100 Ohm for safe SPI isolation trials x 10
  • Resistors: 47 Ohm for tuned SPI isolation trials x 10
  • N MOSFET for SPI and Vcc isolation trials x 10
  • Resistors: 0 Ohm for Vcc short cut x 2
  • Diodes: for Vcc isolation trials x 2
  • Cables with a test clip: to connect the application powers and reset to the ISP evaluation board x 3

Files and media