SF700 SPI Flash Programmer


SF700 is a all-new designed SPI Flash engineering programmer, which supports all SPI NOR Flash and SPI NAND Flash in the market.
SF700 continues to provide strong engineering mode and command line as SF600, DediProg’s another programmer, to satisfy the
demand for R&D.


Apart from the engineering application, SF700 also supports projectfile for small volume production demand. SF700 can do programming in parallel with multiple programmers or
Standalone mode.

SF700 Highlights

  • USB High speed and high SPI performance, support up to 2Gb SPI Flash
  • In-Circuit Programming: Program on board SPI Flash
  • Off-line Programming: Program SPI Flash in the socket
  • Start button feature: Able to Batch in the USB mode
  • Standalone mode: Support Start button programming and IO Port programming.
  • ISP Port supports 2 CS pins to program two Serial Flash memories
  • Signal conflict protections
  • Multi-Programmers Capability through USB
  • Support 1.8V low voltage IC
  • Support Windows 2003 and above
  • Support both 32 and 64 bit OS

Files and media