PCBite kit with 2x SP200 200 Mhz handsfree oscilloscope probes – 4016


This complete kit includes everything you need for hands-free measurements with your oscilloscope.

SP200 is the first truly handsfree 200Mhz 10:1 oscilloscope probe! Makes instant measurements or long triggering sessions a breeze.

No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to setup, just positioning the probe needle on any test point or component in the signal path and release.

Saves time and frustration during development, verification and repairs.

The minimalist design and the spring loaded test needle makes it possible to simultaneously measure on fine pitch components and nearby signals.

The ground probe connection has a detachable quality hook and the cable fits directly on a 2.54mm (0.100”) pitch pin header. If you need a even more flexible and handsfree ground(or other reference) connection then our passive 1:1 readout probe SP10(sold separately) is a great companion. Just connect the included short wire between the SP200 and SP10 pinheaders!

The SP200 comes with a powerful magnet in the base, as for all PCBite probes and holders which makes the probe easy to place and reposition.

SP200 probes are also sold separately if you have more channels on your oscilloscope.

See user guide for specifications.

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