Sensepeek AB is a privately owned Swedish R&D company founded in 2015 with an engineering focus on Mechanical, Software and Hardware solutions. The company is based in Vellinge in south of Sweden and has since 2016 focused on making great development tools for R&D.

Sensepeek also offers original design manufacturer (ODM) solutions and rebranding of the PCBite solution with manufactures in Sweden and Asia. R&D, assembly and quality control in Sweden. Direct sales thru resellers and web shop with third part logistic center in Sweden.

sensepeek PCBite products

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PCBite the solution for soldering, inspection and handsfree measurements

PCBite is a complete line of products handling your circuit board during the development phase. Powerful magnets together with a stainless base plate makes the system flexible, mobile and user friendly.

Forget about the old stationary circuit board holders placed deep inside the company lab, we have developed a mobile and user friendly solution made for a fast phase development environment. Let your circuit board travel safety on board our PCBite thru the development and save a lot of time and hassle.

Why use Sensepeek PCBite ?

PCBite literally holds your circuit board during the development stage. We use a steel base plate and strong magnets combine to create for you a versatile, portable, and user-friendly solution.

We have created a mobile and user-friendly solution designed for a fast phase development environment, so forget about the outdated stationary circuit board holders hidden deep inside the company lab. You will save a ton of time and hassle by letting your circuit board move safely on board our PCBite throughout the development.

It is simple to reposition the holder to accommodate circuit boards of various sizes and shapes. To get the ideal look and feel, the holders are first CNC machined from 6061 grade aluminum, followed by sandblasting and black matte anodizing.  Our matte uses a powerful magnet that is perfectly balanced in strength is located at the bottom of each holder.

The PCBite holder is made to slide easily and has little friction at the bottom to protect the magnet. A stainless spring offers a really strong locking force, and the “jaw” can open widely. Each holder includes a set of bright yellow insulation washers to safeguard your circuit board. You can securely power up your construct with the washers as well.

With your preferred measurement instruments, such as a multimeter, logic analyzer, debugger/programmer, MSO (mixed signal oscilloscope), or oscilloscope, the probes are stable yet flexible and designed for rapid measurements or completely hands-free operations.

For simple positioning, the probe contains a strong magnet in the base and a flexible metal arm. Set screws are unnecessary thanks to the unique “lift and drop” feature because they are inconvenient and difficult to use. Even if the board is bumped, the probe tip will always remain in place because of the compressible needle’s ability to maintain continuous pressure due to the head’s weight. The measuring tip has an M4 thread interface for a variety of mounting possibilities.

The base plate is available in two sizes, small and large, and is composed of stainless steel. The plate has a matte side and a mirror-polished side. Components on the circuit board’s bottom are visible thanks to the surface’s mirror gloss. The insulating cover attachment can be installed on one of the big baseplate surfaces for additional protection while being measured. A microfiber towel is provided with each base plate to keep it shining.