Linux Android Window solutions

Adeneo Embedded offers expertise developing and providing Board Support Packages and its adaptation to end products. The company specializes in areas such as high end graphical drivers, complete power management implementation on latest MPU architectures, various connectivity stacks integration and boot time optimizations.

Adeneo specializes in embedded OS such as Android, Embedded Linux, and Windows Embedded while also providing key value added expertise in the latest UI/Application development technologies, cloud connectivity and industry specific validation/certification processes.


Linux_mediumAdeneo Embedded is part of the Linux Foundation, and provides its support to customers, combining Embedded Linux expertise along with in-depth knowledge about embedded processor architectures.

As a Development Partner of Linaro, Adeneo Embedded actively participates to the definition, design and development of Linux for future ARM architectures.

Contribution to the community
Linux kernel
Open Embedded
Multiple BSP and drivers patch submissions


andriodDevelopment of complete reference design as well as customers design using Android for consumer, automotive or industrial markets

Combined expertise on Linux kernel performance optimization with Android OS integration





WEPP-Gold_smallAdeneo Embedded edits, maintains and supports Windows Embedded reference BSPs for multiple Silicon Vendors, including Freescale or Texas Instruments, and is a recognized Windows Embedded Gold partner of Microsoft.

Adeneo Embedded maintains six active Microsoft MVPs on its engineering team providing superior Windows Embedded technology expertise to OEMs in Europe and North America.


Qt_mediumOur Qt technology know-how allows us to choose to most adequate solutions for each customer and each specific need. We master the overall graphical aspects of Qt from the native part to the QML language. Our expertise also covers networks, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi specific issues, as well as multithreading and data management aspects.