Cypherbridge supplies standalone, IoT and Cloud Connected Software Development Kits and Toolkits. We target small to medium applications where memory, power and performance are carefully balanced. We offer a wide range of robust device-level solutions for secure device connectivity for both new designs and existing product upgrades.

Product portfolio is supported on a wide range of chips and platforms including:

    • Renesas Synergy S7, S5, S3
    • Renesas V850
    • Renesas M16C, RX62N
    • Texas Instruments TivaC, MSP430, Stellaris Cortex M3, Sitara CA8 and ARM9. DSP BIOS/NDK platforms including DM642
    • NXP3250 ARM9, LPC175x, LPC1768, LPC1788, LPC18Sx57, LPC43x37
    • ST Microelectronics STM32F2xx and STM32F4xx
    • Freescale Kinetis K6x
    • Atmel AT91SAM
    • ADI Blackfin
    • Evaluation boards from Renesas, Freescale, STMicro Eval and Discovery, TI, NXP, Phytec, Keil, Atmel, Embedded Artists, Critical Link, and more!

     Software Development Kits

    SDK Description
    AWS IoT Device Kit The Amazon Web Services IoT Device Kit, or ADK, is an integrated go-to-project solution that enables IoT devices to connect securely to the AWS IoT device cloud, to synchronize and replicate sensor and actuator data. It provides TLS secure MQTT messaging to ensure data integrity and privacy.  The ADK ANSI C software includes subscriber and publisher APIs, platform interface I/O layer, lightweight JSON library, and is RTOS and TCP stack portable.

    Embedded SSL SDK 

    dHTTP Webserver

    Portable ANSI C software stack implementing standards based SSL, TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2, PKI X.509 certificates, crypto, hashing and network protocols. The optional Certbuilder certificate management toolkit generates and embeds self-signed X.509 certificates for embedded server and client authentication.

    Add the dHTTP  full featured embedded Webserver for HTTP and HTTPS content.  Standalone or fully integrated with uSSL SDK. Standard dHTTP is included with uSSL SDK at no extra charge.  Feature Pack upgrade option adds advanced features.

    uLoad Product Family This product family delivers both an advanced software update installer and a boot loader solution for embedded platforms to authenticate, install and activate firmware updates.  Images are encrypted and signed to authenticate genuine origin and block malware installs.
     SSH SDK Add SSH and secure TCP/IP tunnel with uSSH embedded SDK. This product includes an embedded server and client, flexible interactive shell. SCP copy option transfers files in source, sink, client, and server modes.
    VPN IPsec/IKEv2 SDK The uVPN SDK implements IKEv1/IKEv2/IPsec for a cryptographically secure solution for IP packet networking. It provides authentication, data encryption and message integrity for embedded devices. VPN SDK is a standards-based, full-featured toolkit delivering system benefits including security and performance for embedded platforms, smartphones, tablets and more.


    Toolkit Description
    Certbuilder Toolkit  X.509 Certificate management toolkit to generate, compile, self-sign and import X.509 certificates for embedded server, client and Certificate Authoritity.
    uFTP Toolkit ANSI C FTP client library implements standards RFC 959, 2228, and 4217 non-protected and TLS protected modes. Includes command line client application and local file system porting interface.
    uFile Toolkit The uFile toolkit includes a portable FAT file system, plug & play device manager, and file encryption for safe storage on removable storage media.
     uCrypt Toolkit Low footprint cryptographic library implements a robust set of ciphers and hashes.  It includes standard block and stream ciphers AES and ECC, RSA support, and  X.509 certificate processing including RSA and ECDSA keys.  Library support framework includes big number processing, integrated memory manager and self-test.  Platform kits interface to target system.
     uMQTT Toolkit Low footprint embedded MQTT library.  Lightweight messaging for scalable Internet of Things and Big Data systems.  Add MQTT 3.1 client to subscribe and publish message data to the cloud.  Fully integrated with uSSL for TLS based secure MQTT messaging.
    eU2F Toolkit The FIDO U2F open standard delivers easier user experience and strong security benefits.  Using FIDO U2F, web services can use strong second factor authentication and simplified login to achieve high security while reducing password fatigue.
    The eU2F Toolkit implements U2F standard message protocol and crypto layer operations for MCU and SOC platforms.
     uSMTP Toolkit Send TLS secure email to any server using the uSMTP Toolkit.  Connects in non-TLS and TLS modes to private and public SMTP relays including godaddy and gmail.
     Code Sign and Verify Toolkit The CSV Toolkit encrypts, signs and verifies standard linked image files to authenticate the genuine origin, verify file integrity, and block malware installs, cloning and reverse engineering.  CSV supports RSA1024 and 2048, SHA2 based signature.  In addition it encrypts the image file using a user supplied activation code.  The output managed image can be safely emailed or copied to USB flash drive making it impervious to theft or reverse engineering.    CSV offline tools manage RSA key pairs and sign the input image. CSV embedded code library decrypts the image and executes verification step.
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    Keymask Obfuscation Toolkit The Keymask Toolkit delivers a general purpose solution that can be used to obfuscate key material in software, blocking string readout and JTAG hacking.  Keymask is integrated with the uSSL SDK for PKI standard PEM private key encryption PKCS#5 and PKCS#12.  The Keymask toolkit includes offline tools to generate obfuscated key material, and the embedded key extract and recovery library.
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