Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer - Ultimate Edition TP322610


Our newest flagship product is the BeagleTM USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer – Ultimate Edition. A state-of-the-art USB bus monitor that offers real-time USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 data capture and analysis, the Ultimate model builds on the success of the award-winning BeagleTM USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer. The platform was enhanced with a USB 3.0 downlink and multi-analyzer synchronization, and the result is a lightning-fast, sophisticated tool that is packed with interactive and adaptable capabilities for even the most seasoned USB developer. For any engineer working with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0, the Beagle USB 5000 v2 analyzer – Ultimate edition is a user-friendly and adaptable tool thanks to Free Data Center Software and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

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