Atollic TrueStudio

Atollic® TrueSTUDIO® is the premier C/C++ development tool for professional ARM® developers, reducing time to market and increasing efficiency in your next embedded systems project. With Atollic TrueSTUDIO, you get a supremely powerful C/C++ compiler and debugger IDE, perfect for the most demanding of development projects!

Atollic TrueSTUDIO help you develop software of higher quality than other tools, due to its integrated features for software engineering, code analysis and software testing. Unlike traditional C/C++ development tools, the TrueSTUDIO IDE guides you through the process of developing high-quality software. TrueSTUDIO brings the best principles from automotive and aerospace to all embedded developers!


Atollic TrueStudio PRO features include:

Trace & Profiling Hard Fault Analysis RTOS-aware Debug Peer Code Review
Take your Cortex-M debugging to a new level with these real-time visualization tools. Trace data, events, exceptions, memory history and more. Quickly find the Why, What & Where of hard faults. See why the fault occurred, and go directly to the offending code and affected registers. See the status of RTOS objects such as semaphors and mutexes during debug. Support for FreeRTOS and eight other RTOSes. Improve the quality of your code with peer-based code review, perhaps the single best code improvement method available..
Multicore Debug Build/Memory Analzer Technical Support Unlock Pro Today
Debug multiple cores or boards in the same debug session. See the RAM and FLASH memory utilization from your latest build, View total size, used and free memory. Get access to the latest product updates and receive support assistance from Atollic tool experts. Contact a local sales office oruse this form to get a quote.


Support for ARM-based devices and development boards

Atollic TrueSTUDIO is focused exclusively on ARM development. We support over 2500 different ARM devices and more than 150 evaluation boards. TrueSTUDIO includes a target-specific project wizard, linker file generator and SFR (peripheral register) viewer.