Promira Serial Platform TP500110


As the number of embedded applications grow and as their requirements increase in complexity, the need for more powerful and flexible embedded systems tools is more important than ever. The Promira Serial Platform can fill the gap and be used to design, debug and develop in a multi-faceted manner. The Promira Serial Platform is the world’s first I2C/SPI master or slave with eSPI simulator and protocol analysis capabilities. Built on a completely new FPGA-based architecture, the Promira platform is the latest tool in Total Phase’s established line of cost-effective and easy-touse embedded solutions. Instantly add new features to your device, as they become available: program and receive data with new protocols, higher clock rates and real-time protocol analysis. Each Promira platform includes a full software suite including powerful GUIs and APIs for a variety of applications. Every Promira platform comes standard with integrated level-shifting, as well as Ethernet and USB control interfaces. The Promira platform is ready to accomplish any task you set it to.

Production Use Case

Use the Promira platform in a production line to program firmware onto EEPROMs using the API. The Ethernet interface can be used to extend the range beyond that of USB and interface multiple units to a PC.

Prototyping Use Case

Create working prototypes quickly and easily using the Promira platform. Used as a master, it can emulate an MCU to actively poll sensors, write and read from BIOS memory and control the bus. As a slave, it can be used to simulate sensors and test the validity of commands being sent by the master.


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