LA3000+ (Logic Analyzer)


LA3000+ series has Parallel Clause Trigger function for parallel bus analysis. And it contains Logic Analyzer Mode and Protocol Analyzer Mode for bus analysis and decodes.

LA3000+ Highlights

  • PC-based, 68 / 136 channels
  • USB 3.0 interface, 12V power adaptor
  • 2.4GHz Timing Analysis / 300MHz State Analysis
  • 32Gb RAM
  • Active Probes
  • Logic, State, Protocol triggers
  • Stackable with a DSO to form an MSO


Bus Triggers I  : I²C, MIPI I3C 1.1, SPI, UART (RS232), USB PD3.0

Bus Triggers II : eMMC5.1, eSPI, I²S, NAND Flash, SD3.0, Serial Flash, SVID, …

Protocol Analysis I  : I²C, MIPI I3C 1.1, SPI, UART (RS232), USB PD3.0

Protocol Analysis II : CAN 2.0B/CAN-FD, BiSS-C, DALI, eSPI, I²S, LIN2.2, MDIO, PWM, SVID, …

Bus Decode : CAN 2.0B/CAN-FD, DP_Aux, eMMC 5.1, I²C, MIPI I3C 1.1, Profibus, SD 3.0, SPI,SVID, SWD, UART (RS232), USB1.1, USB PD 3.0… 100+

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