Cheetah SPI Host Adapter TP280121


With the ever-increasing speed of SPI devices and the pressure to minimize programming time, you need to get the most performance out of your embedded systems interface tools – and the Cheetah™ SPI Host Adapter is expressly designed to enable your competitive edge. The Cheetah SPI Host Adapter is a fast and powerful USB-to-SPI host adapter, capable of communicating at up to 40+ MHz. It is an ideal tool to develop, debug, and program SPI applications, helping you to focus on core competencies by minimizing debugging and programming time.


Programming Use Case

Program SPI Flash memory quickly and easily using the Cheetah adapter and Flash Center software. Many applications store their BIOS in fastbooting Flash memory. The Cheetah adapter allows engineers to quickly program BIOS updates such as updated versions and fixes to virtually almost any make of memory, due to the Flash Center’s extensible, XMLbased parts library.

Prototyping Use Case

Create SPI prototypes quickly and easily with the Cheetah adapter. As a master, it can emulate an MCU to actively poll high-speed SPI sensors, write and read from on-board flash BIOS, and actively control the bus.

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