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Express Logic’s X-Ware Provides Security for IoT Devices

Jun 16

Express Logic’s X-Ware Provides Security for IoT Devices

Here is what makes X-Ware Platform unique:

  • X-Ware Platform is based on Express Logic’s field-proven X-Ware software, deployed in over 5.4 billion electronic products, with individual qualitative and quantitative benefits that make them superior to the competition;
  • X-Ware Platform and all X-Ware components were entirely developed in-house by Express Logic, not a re-branding of someone else’s product. As such, they all adhere to Express Logic’s stringent software coding standards, and use Express Logic’s intuitive, product-consistent API
  • X-Ware Platform is fully supported as a combined solution, not just as individual components;
  • X-Ware Platform includes RTOS (ThreadX), IPv4/IPv6 Networking (NetX and NetX Duo), FAT 16/32 and exFAT File System (FileX), USB Host/Device Classes (USBX), HMI Development and Runtime Framework (GUIX), and Graphical Real-Time Event Trace Tool (TraceX) – all developed and supported by Express Logic.

X-Ware Platform provides a great benefit for developers, enabling them to begin application development immediately. Express Logic’s X-Ware Platform provides a high-quality, fully-supported suite of RTOS and Middleware software that is consistent in API and internal structure, making it easy to learn and use, and able to help developers achieve faster time to market.