Kozio provides a complete solution for programming and testing custom circuit boards. It includes embedded firmware, interactive user applications, and an API for test automation.  The firmware runs on the target board without modification, and only requires a working processor and JTAG. The applications provide easy setup and configuration of tests and programming sequences. Our functional tests and programming algorithms run at full processor speeds.



A low-cost software product that provides everything you need to configure, verify, and tune the DDR memory of your board design. VTOS DDR is a standalone DDR verification tool that also integrates with Kozio’s vAccess for automated production test.

VTOS Program

A low-cost software product provides everything you need for fast on-board device programming; including file transfers from a PC over multiple interfaces (Ethernet, USB, etc.), file transfers from connected storage devices (SD Card, USB Flash Drive, etc.), and programming of Serial NOR Flash, Parallel NOR Flash, NAND Flash, SD/MMC, FPGAs, and EEPROM devices.


A low-cost software product that provides everything you need to configure and validate the hardware interfaces of your board design; including GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, USB, Ethernet, PCI Express, CAN, SD/MMC, and SDIO. VTOS Scan is a standalone verification tool that integrates with Kozio’s vAccess™ for automated test and supported JTAG hardware for validating circuit boards without an operating system or boot loader.




A DLL that provides an API for integrating VTOS products with third-party tools, such as NI’s TestStand, custom test executives, or third-party user interfaces.




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