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New Products For ARM devices

Oct 24

New Products For ARM devices

For production programming, P&E is pleased to announce two new Cyclone programmers, Cyclone ACP and Cyclone ACP FX, that are dedicated to ARM® Cortex devices. Both offer a variety of features including, power management, fast communication, automation, on-board storage and extended security features to keep your IP safe.

Our Cyclone FX programmers, including the Cyclone ACP FX, also feature up to 25Mb/s communications speed (which saves valuable production time), a full 1GB of on-board memory, expandable memory via an SDHC port, several security enhancements such as the ability to restrict programming count for specific images, and unique add-ons – such as the ability to launch programming using a bar code scanner – which are made available through the USB control and extension ports.

For code development, P&E has released a new Multilink ACP debug probe which is also dedicated to ARM® cortex devices only. This new hardware debug interface offers a cost-effective and powerful debug solution with extensive industry IDE support.